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Our bespoke wood floors are crafted from fully certified oak harvested from sustainable forests throughout Europe. 

As a nationwide commercial wood flooring contractor, we believe it’s important to set the standard in terms of being environmentally and socially responsible. As such, all the oak we use for our wood floors is sustainably sourced from only FSC forests.

Why Us?

Choosing Active Flooring will give you access to some of the best expertise in the sector.

One professional contact, offering supply, preparation and installation, giving you one guarantee of complete satisfaction.
By understanding our client’s vision, and taking into account all aspects of the working environment, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence.
With our experience and depth of knowledge, we work in line with our client’s design requirements and programme, achieving first-class results.

FSC Certified Oak

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes responsible and sustainable forestry. By purchasing only FSC Certified oak, we can be confident that the wood flooring we provide to our customers is ethically sourced from sustainable forests.

All FSC certified timber that’s cut is replaced with new trees, so your new wood floor will not contribute to the destruction of the world's forests. The FSC is also passionate about using local workers, that are fully trained and employed on a good salary with the necessary safety equipment, helping to grow the communities they operate in. 

Sustainable Wood Flooring

The natural characteristics of wood make it one of the most environmentally friendly resources on the planet. Wood is totally renewable, and by using timber from FSC Certified Sources we are stimulating reforestation, which combats climate change.

The cellular structure of wood, which induces millions of tiny air pockets, also makes it an effective material for insulation compared to tile or laminate. Helping cool a room on a hot day, warm a room on a cold day and maintaining a more comfortable working environment.

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We pride ourselves on offering specialist timber flooring services to commercial and residential customers across the UK. Our offices are Located in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Durham & Tamworth.

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